BotaniGard 22 Wettable Powder   


Expiration date of current lot is: 6-30-2020


18 gram packet to make between 4 and 8 gallons. 

45 gram packet to make between 10 and 20 gallons. 


*BotaniGard is not OMRI Organic listed only because of the oil distillates used in the ES formulation but it's as close to organic as you can get. Use it right up to the day of harvest!


  • Superior formulation: highest spore concentration in a Beauveria-containing insecticide
  • Insect control which equals or exceeds chemical insecticides
  • Unique mode of action: spores infect directly through the insect's cuticle
  • Excellent tool for resistance management
  • Compatible for tank-mixes with many pesticides
  • Exempt from residue tolerance and has a 0-day pre-harvest interval
  • 4-hour REI
  • NO harsh chemicals
  • Used by professional growers for more than 10 years


BotaniGard is a biological insecticide. It is based on the highly successful fungus, Beauveria bassiana, strain GHA. Because of BotaniGard's superior formulation, higher spore concentration, higher viability and proven performance, it outperforms other Beauveria-containing products. 


When properly applied BotaniGard insect control can equal or exceed that of chemical insecticides.


USE: Vegetables, Fruit, Nursery and Greenhouse, Commercial Landscaping, Interior Landscape & Turf.


CONTROLS: Whitefly, Aphids,Thrips,Psyllids,Weevils and Mealybugs, Lace bugs, Leafhoppers,Chinch bugs, bed bugs & many more. Click here to read an article on Root Aphids



BotaniGard 22 WP-Beauveria bassiana Controls whiteflies & more. *Organic product

Grams in packet
  • RATE: 2.3 grams - 4.5 grams per gallon

               1 Teaspoon (5 mL) is equal to 2.8 grams

               1 Tablespoon (15 mL) is equal to 8.5 grams

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